Starlyn and Ryan | Ranch Engagement Session in the New Mexico Desert

Sometimes the weather in New Mexico is as changeable and temperamental as a two-year old (I’ve had three two-year-olds, and that’s the only comparison that feels appropriate!). 

It was beautiful on Saturday and I had no reason not to be ecstatic for my engagement session with Starlyn and Ryan later that evening. They’d decided to use an old barn on her grandmother’s property for their backdrop. The spot was a few miles out of Deming on the Hatch Highway, and since I had only seen pictures, I made sure to arrive a little early to do a quick light check. 

When I pulled in, the sky was a little hazy (I thought maybe there was a fire somewhere?), and it was a little windier than I’d have hoped–but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t work with. 

Or so I thought.

Within a few minutes, it looked like this outside.

We got hit with the biggest dirt storm I’ve ever seen! 

Starlyn and Ryan were so gracious and patient about rescheduling–I know I have no control over the weather, but I still hate asking clients to get all dolled up two times for the same session! It worked out for the best, though–Monday turned out to be a much better choice, and the session went SO WELL. 

These two are so sweet together–I literally stopped shooting at one point to tell them how naturally they melt into each other…like they just fit and belong snuggled in closely together. They were trusting and receptive to my ideas (even ones that probably sounded a bit strange!), and that meant I was able to get really creative and try some things I’ve never done before.

At one point, I asked them if they ever go dancing, and then suggested we turn the old barn into their private dance floor. Ryan softly hummed or sang a song while they turned. He held her close, and oh! the smiles on their faces, and the looks in their eyes–it’s so obvious these two adore each other, and it completely melted my heart! 

Ryan and Starlyn, I loved spending the evening with you! You are sweet, gracious, humble and kind people, a pair made for each other. I can’t wait for your wedding in February! 

XO, Erin


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photography by erin richins
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