Lorraine and Brendan | Las Cruces and White Sands, NM Engagement Session

Lorraine found me on Instagram! I can’t tell you how happy that made me, because sometimes, it feels like social media can be a big Black Hole in Cyber Space. 🙂 But she was searching hashtags for a Las Cruces wedding photographer, and stumbled across one of my recent pictures which she immediately loved–and that drove her to check out my feed and website, and then submit an inquiry for her upcoming wedding. Next to word-of-mouth referrals, that’s exactly the way I hope to be found!   

I love being able to talk with or meet prospective brides–and with Lorraine, I felt an instant connection! She’s sweet and kind, has great taste and style, and as she described her wedding plans at the beautiful Los Portales Venue in Anthony, New Mexico, I couldn’t help but feel excited with her! Later, when she described Brendan and told me some of the things she loves about him–including the way he can find common ground with anyone in a conversation and make everyone feel at ease–I knew they would be a perfect client couple. 

In the days leading up to our session, Lorraine and I talked about possible locations, and I sent her sample shots that I thought would appeal to her personality and style. She had mentioned she loved dramatic images, which immediately made me think of White Sands National Monument (hellooooo drama!). One of the other examples was of the east side of the Florida Mountains, here in Deming, and I explained that we could do something similar at the base of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces. I was kind of in Photographer Heaven when she asked if we could possibly shoot at both of these spots I’d never shot at before–Not one, but TWO new locations? DONE. 

We started out at Aguirre Springs, with its majestic view of the Organs and it’s tall grasses, which only caused *minor* allergy issues.

These two. They are so sweet together, and have such a beautiful chemistry!

Once we finished at Aguirre Springs, we drove the rest of the way to White Sands National Monument, and scouted out a beautiful spot for the rest of our session. I started off with shots of Lorraine’s gorgeous tear-drop engagement ring…

…while these two cracked jokes at each other and goofed around in the background. 🙂 

Lorraine and I had planned their whole session around getting that dreamy New Mexico evening backlight–but wouldn’t you know, the sun decided NOT to show up for us. I thought for sure it’d peek out right before sunset, but the cloud cover was just too thick. Regardless, it was an absolutely stunning location, with a stunning couple, and though I didn’t get the sun, I did make sure to get a shot with the moon! Keep scrolling…

Lorraine and Brendan, thank you so much for spending the evening with me! It was SUCH a pleasure getting to know you , and I can’t wait to capture your special day in TWENTY NINE DAYS! It’s going to be beautiful, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that this time, we get some SUN. 🙂 




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