Melissa and Josh | Las Cruces, NM Sweetheart Session

Photography has changed my life by putting me in a position to meet, care about, and serve people I’d have never met…and by opening doors to incredible opportunities I’d have never otherwise experienced, if not for my business and ambitions.

Case in point: I have had the opportunity to know and care about this sweet gal only because my love for photography drove me to pursue it as a business! Melissa and I live in different towns, and it’s safe to say our paths wouldn’t have crossed if not for photography.

But last year, I was searching for a photographer in the area to take my own family’s pictures when I came across Melissa’s business account on Instagram. Her pictures were beautiful, and when I explored her website a bit more, I decided that we she’s totally the type of person who I could be close friends with. Plus, she’s got five kids, and as a mother of three myself, I had immediate respect for her–I still can’t imagine how she manages a home, family and business, let alone the other responsibilities and obligations she takes on. I can hardly handle my three! 

We’ve had a few opportunities to hang out in person since our family session last year, but this summer, we decided to bring our guys and swap couple’s sessions.

Rustin and I got all dolled up and drove the hour to Las Cruces to meet Melissa and Josh. Melissa had this great spot picked out with lots of greenery. We decided it most definitely didn’t look like New Mexico–a little hidden oasis.

I just want to do a little plug for sweetheart sessions here, really quickly. Wedding photography is a given–but as a whole, people tend to not think of documenting their marriages beyond that. The reality is that, as wonderful as weddings are, and as important as it is to document them, it takes so much more to stay married than it does to get married in the first place! So as the years pass and you make it through whatever curveballs life throws at you, don’t downplay the importance of documenting your love and commitment to each other–staying together, and building a life together…that’s a beautiful thing that should be celebrated!

I’ll share the images from our session in a couple weeks, but for today, take a peek at these two–Melissa and Josh are such a sweet couple with great chemistry, who are coming up on 13 years this winter! And to that I offer a big huge Congratulations. 



P.s. Watch for Melissa’s cute nose-crinkle when she laughs! She’s a doll and it’s adorable! 

I wasn’t going to add any of the headshots I took for Melissa, but…

…nose crinkle!! 🙂 


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