Three-Year-Old Portraits in the New Mexican Desert

This little sweetie just had a birthday! I’ve had the privilege of taking her pictures each year since she turned one, and I just have to say that having clients come back year after year, and developing an ongoing relationship with them and their little ones, is one of the most gratifying parts of portrait photography to me. I get to play with kids at their portrait sessions, and see how much they’ve grown and changed in a years’ time, how they’ve begun to come out of their shells, or how their personalities are developing, or in Miss S’s case, how CURLY their hair has become (so adorable!! I love curly haired kiddos!). 

I also get to see how much they’ve stayed the same–how each individual child has their own way of ‘being’ and they leave their unique stamp on life and on their loved ones.

I have three of my own children, so it’s not like I don’t know this. But it’s different somehow, when you’re with your children day in and day out. It’s easy to miss the subtle changes, when you’re in the thick of it. (Thank goodness for pictures! Yet another reason making photography a priority is important!). 

At our playdate (portrait session), Miss S and I played all sorts of games to make sure she showed us her real smile. We teased and laughed, jumped and danced, picked flowers, sang songs, and blew kisses to Mommy, all while the New Mexico sky worked it’s magic in the background. 

To my littlest clients: I sure love you! You’re the best. ❤️



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