Amanda and Scotti | Deming, NM Engagement Session at Katfish Kove

I walked into McDonald’s and didn’t even have time to scan the tables before I saw them—this cute couple with big smiles and sparkling eyes. I’m sure my face immediately lit up, too—How could it not? As soon as we sat down to make introductions, I felt like we were old friends! After a minute, I asked if they’d tell me a bit about themselves.

Amanda shifted in her seat and stammered for a second, then looked at her husband. “You tell her, I’m too nervous!”

I chuckled. “Nothing to be nervous about, I promise!” I liked them already.

We spent the next hour getting to know each other a bit—totally forgetting to order something to eat! Amanda and Scotti told me a little about how they met (in high school Spanish class), how long they’ve been together (two years), and about their wedding plans for this summer.

“We’re actually already married,” Amanda said. “I was raised by my grandparents, and my grandpa is on Hospice—we’re not sure how much longer he’ll be with us, so we decide to do a courthouse ceremony so that we could have him present for our wedding.”

They’ll be celebrating their marriage in style this June at The Lodge in Cloudcroft, NM. “Our wedding colors include baby blue,” Amanda bubbled, “—so Scotti can wear baby blue Jordan’s.” I had to smile, because come on—a wedding planned around shoes. 🙂

I love meeting with potential clients for consultations—I think it’s such a great way to tell if we’ll be a good fit! In Amanda and Scotti’s case, I felt an instant connection to this young, hopelessly-in-love couple. “We are literally best friends and spend most of our time together!… We love each other in a weird Can’t-Be-Without-You kind of way.”

Weird? Nope. Just adorable.

Amanda and Scotti opted for an Engagement Session at Katfish Kove between Silver City and Deming, NM. We were hunting for some color on trees—and although it’s still early in the season, we were lucky enough to get some fall yellows. Plus, that beautiful October late evening glow!

These two are so cute together! I love the way they look at each other—with so much love and tenderness. They are fun and silly, but tender, too. Above all, they are connected. They have shared so much of life in the two short years they’ve been together, and are committed to staying side by side through all the ups and downs life brings them.

Scotti and Amanda, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in these past few weeks! Thank you so much for your trust and enthusiasm—and for taking me into your hearts so effortlessly. I can’t wait for June!!



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