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I do a decent job of staying on top of blogging engagement sessions and weddings, but 2018 portrait sessions have kind of gotten away from me! As much as I love all the families and seniors I shoot for, and as much as I’d LOVE to get all their sessions up here on the blog, I also need to be a tiiiiiny bit realistic. It’s September, and I’ve been working all year–that’s a whole lotta pictures to back-log, and I’m only now coming into the last-quarter craziness that is Fall Family Portrait season!

With so many sessions behind me, and so many more ahead before we finish out this year, I’m going to try to do a visual summary over the course of the next couple weeks. I’ll be highlighting some one my favorite sessions from the year–starting with THIS one.

Cassel and Julianna are great friends of ours, and I absolutely LOVED shooting for them over the last few years (they recently moved–I don’t want to talk about it! 😩) I’ve been able to document some major milestones in their lives as they brought home their first little man and then, two and a half years later, their second. With a family session sandwiched in between, each set of pictures has been my new favorite!

I don’t do posed newborn sessions anymore, but I absolutely love doing newborn portraits in a lifestyle setting! Seriously, how sweet to would it be to have photos like these up on your walls shortly after bringing home baby?? All those sweet interactions! Gah. I wish current ‘me’ could go back in time to take my own family’s lifestyle pictures after each baby came home. I’d die! (That was looong before I became a photographer, and the only option I had for newborn portraits for my oldest two was JC Penny or Sears–remember when?? haha!).

Enjoy scrolling through the sweetness! And watch out for the newborn smiles! It’s the sweetest thing.




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