Caden’s Seven Year Old Portraits

I cannot believe that my youngest is seven.


How did this HAPPEN?! It’s the most cliche thing in the world to say that kids grow up in the blink of an eye–and yet, I don’t know if there’s a more true statement! If you’re a parent, I’m sure you can relate; and if you’re not yet…well, wait and see. 🙂

Here I am, a professional photographer, and yet I’ve been the worst about taking MY OWN kids’ pictures on/near their birthdays. (Why is that?? I know I’m not the only one!).  But one of my 2019 goals was to take each of my kids on a special ‘date’ for their birthday this year, to choose an outfit, get their hair cut (and styled, for the girls), go to lunch, and have their pictures taken.

So on Sunday, Caden and I went on our own adventure around town. Ohhh I loved every minute on my special date with this kid! With two big sisters, honestly…I don’t get to take him out alone very often. It was so fun to dedicate an entire afternoon to him.

This little man is such a sweetheart. He’s so loving and affectionate. I call him Hugger, because not a day goes by when he doesn’t sneak up and throw his arms around me–usually many times.

The very first thing most people say about Caden when they meet him is “He has the cutest voice!!”

This little man has a heart of gold, and he’s just a genuinely GOOD human. He doesn’t do anything wrong on purpose, always gives his best effort, and he’s got a buoyant personality–nothing keeps him down for long. My mother-in-law  always says that a bum off the street could have raised Rustin, because he was just so good-natured and easy…and I think Caden takes after him. 🙂 (But I won’t let a bum off the street raise him…I’m keeping him all to myself).

He’s got this ‘can-do’ attitude like I’ve never seen! He just knows he can and he tries and tries until he gets it right. When you ask if he needs help, his answer is “No, I got this.”

Caden loves to cook! He asks almost every evening if he can help in the kitchen, and he’s getting really good with the ‘kid knives’.

Caden’s adventurous and so excited to try new things.  Even though he’s hurt himself pretty badly in the past (that broken femur), he doesn’t let fear keep him from living life and experiencing new things.

Somehow Caden became the king of nicknames. Some of our favorites are Catorade (like gatorade ;), Hugger, Señor, Mister Man, and Naden. (Don’t ask me–we’re weird haha).

I tell Caden that I don’t want him to grow up because then he won’t be able to sit on my lap and won’t want to snuggle or give Mom hugs or kisses…and he tells me he’ll still do all those things when he grows up (well, maybe minus the sitting on my lap thing haha).  I know eventually that will change…but I love that at seven, he doesn’t have plans of pulling away any time soon.

Hey Little Man, happy birthday to you! We love you so much and cannot imagine life without you. You came into our lives at a time when we didn’t believe we’d be able to have another kiddo, and having you in our home and hearts is the biggest blessing. I love you to the moon and back again! (Or, ‘to my pizza’, whichever you choose ;).


Mom 🙂


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