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This Lifestyle Maternity Session ended up being one of my favorite sessions to date! Kursty approached me about doing an in-home maternity session during the final weeks before her due date. This would likely be her last pregnancy, and she’d always wanted to have maternity pictures taken, but never had–so this seemed like the perfect way to memorialize this beautiful stage of motherhood.

I knew as soon as Kursty described what she was going for that this would be a stunning session! Kursty is a beautiful person inside and out, with an easy-going personality. She was excited to try something new and gave me full license to be as creative as I chose. I always love when clients come to me with a trusting heart because it means I can let loose and see where my creativity takes me. This session was so gratifying because of that, and we ended with some new favorite captures as a result!

I’d like to point out a few things from this session that contributed to it’s success–if you’re preparing for your own session, these may help you set expectations and feel prepared!


What Worked in this Session?

1. There’s this left-over myth from the 90’s about not wearing white for portraits because it will ‘wash you out’. I hear this a lot from clients who are surprised by my suggestion to wear light, white or neutral tones. It’s simply not true, friends! White looks AMAZING on camera.

2. Kursty always looks amazing, but of course she made extra effort because she knew she’d be on camera. Her makeup look was subtle and natural but still showed up great on camera. Stunning! If you don’t ordinarily wear a lot of makeup, you may be tempted to stick with your every-day look for pictures–but I promise you’ll look and feel amazing if you dial it up a notch or two! A little lip and eye go a long way, and natural-looking false lashes make an ENORMOUS difference (especially if you tend to feel like your eyes disappear when you smile).

3. I was so touched when Kursty asked if I’d gotten a picture of a stretch mark on her stomach (I did). Her attitude was that it was something to be celebrated! That idea permeated this entire session because she truly loved the way she looked. You’ll see in Kursty’s body language and facial expressions–especially her eyes–that she felt beautiful and wasn’t focusing on perceived imperfections or insecurities. When you’re having pictures taken, ladies, choose to see your own beauty!

Leave a comment if you notice something else that made this session remarkable!



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